Donate to PET

click here! 

Amazon Smile 

When you order from Amazongo to Amazon Smile and select the Pet Evacuation Team as your charity recipient. PET receives a donation from each purchase!

Just look at the upper left of the Amazon Smile Window and you’ll see the gray row where it indicates “Supporting” and click the drop-down arrow. You’ll see this:

Then in the “Or a pick your own charitable organization”, type in Pet Evacuation Team. In the search results that appear, click the yellow “Select” button next to Pet Evacuation Team.

Bottle Drop –

Use PET BottleDrop bags for your redeemable bottles & cans.  It’s easy and convenient. PET gets the donation!  Call 541-610-6628 or email PET for delivery of the bar-coded bags. You may also donate directly at their website at 


Donating Goods or Services 

In preparation for the upcoming season, PET needs a few specific items:

1)   Two lariats


The PET supplies and equipment needs wish list changes often. If you have items that you feel may be helpful to PET, please contact us to see if we can use it. Thank you.